Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JournalWriter, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Can anyone explain Hain Celestial's Group's (HAIN) beating today?
    I was expecting a somewhat of a pull back based on the chart, but it all hit in 2 trading days. They beat estimates for Q1 profits. I see 30 as decent support, but I thought 32 might be too and it broke that today.
    I'd appreciate some input from anyone who knows this company better than I do.
  2. Don't get too locked-in to your own expectations. Give more weight to what the market does, not what you hope it'll do.
  3. Good point. I have covered calls at the 30 strike, so it's actually still going as planned, I'm just trying to learn where I see the opportunity.
    I'll be happy to have it assigned at expiration and take my profits. These shares are in my IRA and I was debating selling naked puts at 30 in my taxable account as another play on it to either take the premiums again or even just to get in at a cheaper price.