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  1. I find it absolutely hilarious that the ubiquitous testosterone, posturing, and blatant chauvinism on Elite Trader IMMEDIATELY dissipated as soon as 'angie' asked people 'not to read her diary.' Many of the macho guys that I have seen talking about 'banging sluts,' divorcing 'gold diggers', and basically telling women to get back in the kitchen where they belong, were so unbelievably polite and respectful the second a woman 'stepped' into the 'room.' HAHA. It's just funny to me how you all talk such a big game...but alas...we see your true colors. ; )
  2. "Macho".
  3. What about us "Mochos" ?
  4. umm....?
  5. Mucho macho :D

  6. Lovely. There's the good old testosterone again! And, I would hope that I am a 'pussy,' as you have so eloquently suggested, seeing as I am a woman.
  7. LMFAO, yeah, but you ain't no lady.

    Therein lies the difference, and belive me, it's a BIG ONE.

  8. JJ it's okay...I don't blame you for your idiocy...

    You just miss 'the good old days' of the 1950's when 'ladies' were supposed to do everything their husband said, shut up, and look pretty. The second a woman has an opinion or speaks her mind she becomes a 'scary,' 'lesbian,' feminist and you feel threatened. I totally get it.
  9. Jeez. You say that like it's a bad thing...
  10. When will you foolish humans learn that you are ALL inferior to me, regardless of gender!
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