Hahaha, this chaos is going exactly as planned. State pensions and property taxes

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  3. ...i think its a chart..... L
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    No 'L' is the international symbol for loser, as in losing your pension and property.
  5. ...i still say its a chart, we fall off a cliff and then struggle along the bottom...

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    I think the OP was killed just as he started to type and fell over and hit 'submit'. This is a murder investigation! :D
  7. Jesse Ventura will investigate this!

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    ET is so confused. The Ben Bernank said we are all feeling the wealth effect of a rising market, right? The Russell is getting close to all time highs. We're all rich again, right? Right?

  9. My original post got truncated somehow, but I had to come back and say things are rapidly proceeding better than planned and have exceeded my wildest fantasy. Hahaha!!

    The old paradigm is about to undergo such radical change that no man alive...

    Anyway, some of the events i'm watching

    U.S. State & Federal debt levels - how high can it go?
    Growth in spending of Social Security & other entitlements. - when and how large will the cuts be when economics, not politicians dictate their change
    How will high tax broke states like California compete with a conservative, low tax paradise like Texas
    How will people move around when oil rapidly appreciating due to a rapidly depreciating US dollar
    As mortage rates rise with bond yields, will housing prices continue to decline?
    When the bulk of the stimulus money runs out this year, will the economy contract? will government introduce bigger stimuli?
    With all our regulations, why would any entrenureal businessman open up a firm creating real jobs in the United States when China & India will do for a fraction at the cost? And to be honest with you, they need the jobs far greater than we do.

    Will the questions mentioned above be answered by the United States turning back to it's values and principles that made it great? Or...
  10. Don't worry, the prozac brigade will come along shortly and call all of your practical, realistic concerns "doom and gloom" or better yet "conspiracies" because, ya know, the rising stock market is really the best forecasting tool. It's the "smart money" and these guys already are pricing in growth and better times ahead.

    We can all just pretend that the mounting debt doesn't matter and pay attention to the small cap index.
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