Hahaha!! S&P on a warpath. Downgrades Warren Buffet's BRK

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  1. Wow, these guys are making a lot of enemies and are destroying the U.S. Economy while at it
  2. lol i noticed that too. They're not messing around. I think we pissed them off
  3. I'm an American. S&P just said what we are all thinking anyway. DC needs to get their shit together.
  4. this is hilarious! :D :D :D

    just yesterday Buffett said that US is AAAA. should have kept his mouth shut
  5. Roark


    He probably bought a bunch of stuff and is trying to talk the market up.
  6. I wonder if Mr. Buffett will be able to sustain his lifestyle after his networth goes from $50B to $25B...

    Probably will have to reduce the amount of Coke that he drinks
  7. why do you need so MUCH fucking money you fucking idiots DOLTSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    give it AWAY to those in need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Illum


    By that you mean you Im sure.
  9. why do you need billions and more so, billions on billions,can you answer me??
  10. Buffet has become a ward of the state. This is a perfectly logical extension of the Friday downgrade.
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