Hahaha!! Bond Yields heading go zero after S&P downgrade

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  1. 10yr @ 2.18... Really? We're lower than most Aaa rated countries. Lol
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    Bonds are worthless. The Fed said they can print themselves out of anything, so why do they need to pay you to buy their debt.
  3. I'm thinking it's finally time to start layering in some safely-leveraged, long term bond shorts.
  4. America produces a quarter of worldwide GDP and feeds pathetic nations like China which manipualte their exchange rate to extract wealth from Americans.

    America is strong and will avoid a deflationary cycle thanks to a prudent FED policy. Those who seek American destruction through sensless Austrian economic policies that led to wars in the past will be defeated. Those that shorted US bonds will be fried until they seek for mercy. Get the message.
  5. typical american egoism pumped up to stratosphere.

    what usa produces? guns, tanks, prisons, fighter jets, monsanto shit or precious coca cola?

    even apple would earn 3x less without chinese workers
  6. Since it appears that you are totally uneducated and uninformed. America's biggest exports are agricultural.

    Since you are totally uninformed, American companies like Harley D. and Abercrombie & Fitch (edit: missed AAPL) are of the hottest kind all over the world.

    If America stops buying the crappy stuff your messed up country produces, you will starve to death.
  7. America is strong and there is no reason why it shouldn't come out of this mess as one of the top dogs.

    But there is no way to avoid the deflationary spiral.

    There will be a few....interesting...years, to say the least.
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    We have the highest per capita prison rate in the world. Lock 'em up and throw away the key -- it creates lots and lots of jobs.

  9. yeah, abercrombie and fitch. the top notch brand of american style.

    you forgot ralph lauren. all american tourists look the same. 50 kg overweight, with their iphones or blackberries, polo shirts and proud of their foreign policy (killing millions), cancer and aids industry.

    i'm amazed by your lack of knowledge. starve without imports from u.s.? guess what. we can buy tons of tommy hilf, ralph lauren, etc. stuff for 2-6 euros in europe. we won't starve not having $60 polo shirt, thank you.

    we also don't need american corn, wheat and many of your GMOs.

    america can only export unhealthy, crappy foods.
    in asia and europe we don't need them. only fools buy them and will suffer from poorer health.

    the only cool things designed in america are mac computers and converse shoes. made in asia, of course.

    the opposite is true- without imports U.S.A will starve, unless it will get rid of oil based transportation and the Fed.
  10. yes. highest per capita
    prison spending
    military spending
    medical spending
    food spending
    homeland security/police/TSA spending
    "education" spending, using debt. the utility of such education: worse than zero

    for god sakes, its all added to GDP and it does not represent quality of life! the more GDP rises from these sectors, the WORSE american living standards are!
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