Hadron collider "Doomsday" didn't happen...

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    One thing we can all be sure in regards to Hadron Collider:

    Any breakthrough discovery that holds revolutionary answers to the toil of Mankind, will be quietly and surreptitiously filed away under the guise of "National Security" never to be heard from again.

    Too much money in controlled paradigms to "let the cat out of the bag".

    Geez, what would happen if all of a sudden the plebs became incredibly wealthy and uppity??
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  2. CERN has always had an open door policy. http://info.web.cern.ch/Press/PressReleases/Releases2005/PR04.05E.html

    They even have a whole bunch of Chinese and Russian physicists there.

    If there was any National Security stuff there to be discovered, it would have been done quietly at International Linear Collider in Geneva, IL.
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  4. you are correcting my spelling, you are lucky I dont give you a wedgie.
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  5. Maybe he spelt it right?

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  6. im actually quite concerned about this... almost to the point of going rouge and trying to blow it up......
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