Hadron collider "Doomsday" didn't happen...

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  1. The scientists have been building up to this for many years, for payback to the world, for decades of wedgies in school. The Hadron collider is a way all the scientists of the world say f*ck you to the humanity in the form of a giant payback wedgie to the planet
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  2. Paranoid. What they "see" is not an electron but the trace such a "particle" leaves on their recording apparatus. According to quantum mechanics, this trace or image is affected by the observation and observer. So what they "see" is a mixture of an electron and the observer expectation of what an electron looks like.
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  3. You may be giving too much credit to the geeks. They already tried f*cking up Van Allen belts but found that destroying Earth is not that easy. We may have more to fear from global warming caused by SUV driving soccer MILFS than from mad scientists.
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  4. There are SUVs on Mars? Who would have thought. :p
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  5. check your spelling: Hardon, not Hadron

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  6. Cuz the Fitzgerald Contraction will make your "shortie" into a "longie"
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  7. Cutten


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  8. good stuff!
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  9. it seems with Fitzgerald Contraction only the shrinkage is possible :(

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  10. It depends on the observer's frame of reference. Bwaahaha.
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