Hadron collider "Doomsday" didn't happen...

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  1. Nothing can go wrong.

    If a black hole develops, it is only capable of sucking in all the sock puppet idiots and ET will be a nice place to post.
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  2. ... when a strangelet comes in contact with a lump of ordinary matter such as Earth, it could convert the ordinary matter to strange matter. This "ice-nine" disaster scenario is as follows: one strangelet hits a nucleus, catalyzing its immediate conversion to strange matter. This liberates energy, producing a larger, more stable strangelet, which in turn hits another nucleus, catalyzing its conversion to strange matter. In the end, all the nuclei of all the atoms of Earth are converted, and Earth is reduced to a hot, large lump of strange matter.

    This is not a concern for strangelets in cosmic rays because they are produced far from Earth and have had time to decay to their ground state, which is predicted by most models to be positively charged, so they are electrostatically repelled by nuclei, and would rarely merge with them. But high-energy collisions could produce negatively charged strangelet states which live long enough to interact with the nuclei of ordinary matter.


    Let's all pray that 6b $ won't be enough to buy some negatively charged strangelets, which could f*ck up everything.
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  3. :D :D :D
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  4. Except for the fact this time, the thing could blow up in their face
    and it's mostly about anti matter . So they can invent some new ways to destroy life on a massive scale ? Brilliant minds indeed.
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  5. IMO what they are trying to do is like smashing two expensive watches one against the other and trying to figure out how they are designed to operate.

    At the end of the day I think this was a scheme by corrupted European educational system to suck money from state budgets since there is limited private funding of universities there.

    Nothing will come out of it but many scientists they will believe they found something.

    Remember guys: nobody has ever seen an electron or proton. These are just ideas that fit in mathematical model called the Standard Model of Physics. Nobody knows what is actually out there and how it operates. Probably, we will never know.

    I'm happy if I make $500/day trading. Some people are paranoid and are happy to search for the universe inner workings. I think they are fools. Simply fools.
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  7. Who knows?
    Some time ago they said the earth was flat, and Columbus trip was a waste.
    They said the same thing about Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Wright bros, Bill Gates and many more.

    Even if it's "useless" its Keynesianism, you Europeans need it badly.
    Europe is about to go into a deep, long lasting recession; ONLY Keynesianism may prevent it.
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  8. bbqbbq


    it might start the fall of religion
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  9. Physicist gone wild:

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    Europe is already in a recession, the US is also in one as well.
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