Hadron collider "Doomsday" didn't happen...

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  1. Anyones knows if some people sold yesterday on fears about the Hadron collider?

    I went long yesterday, I must admit that I was a bit worried that it might turn into a mini-Chernobyl or something.
    Perhaps even a very small explosion or fire may have created panic, even if the fire wasn't related to atomic energy (i.e. a fire for overheating the electric system).

  2. I made sure I was flat going into today's trading. You don't want any open positions when the universe ends. :cool:
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    Technically it doesn't matter what you hold when the universe ends.:D
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    If the universe ends then you dont care whether you are long or not because there is no such thing as market and money anymore. its ilogical to sell because you think the world will end
  5. Man, some people have NO sense of humor.
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    Thank you Dr. Spock
  7. I wonder what happens after the universe ends.
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    Lehman rebounds.
  9. You can do one of two things:

    A. Fade the plunge by going long.
    If nothing happens, market will rebound and you'll make some money.
    If world ends, why you want money?

    B. Wire out all funds in your account. Drink, spend it all, invite all your friends, expensive chicks; blow it up in one day, after all the world is coming to an end, who needs money being dead?
    But if doomsday doesn't happen -and it didn't- you'll have to collect food stamps and ask to be hired at the local Walmart.
  10. The particle accelerator was only turned on. They haven't performed any attempted collisions yet, which is they big hoo-ha on the end of the world. Right now, it's essentially a giant merry-go-round for protons.

    Once the tests are completed, they'll start smashing protons into each other and trying to create micro-black holes. That's when the world ends :)

    Someone said they were going to try to create a stable stranglet. That'll be some neat shit. Maybe they can release it into the planet and watch it turn the earth into gobbly gook.
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