Had to post, Shanghai down 2.77%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Apr 18, 2007.

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    ^SSEC Shanghai Composite 3,512.28 10:30PM ET Down 100.11 (2.77%)
  2. Yea thats a lot
  3. Life is a box of chocolates :)
  4. Nikkei and Shanghai both down.

    Put your Ultrashorts on tomorrow for some quick $$$
  5. 2006


    Wait till tomorrow and Friday. That's when the we'll get some real pain IMO.
  6. Same old same old

    As far as I can tell, my portfolio is doing well enough that I can weather a few downturns like this
  7. quick.. what happens every time market gaps down????

    Answer: Buying.....

    unless of course..."this time is different"
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    futures falling pretty hard tonight, however why do I have this feeling that the markets will open lower and fight there way back to record highs. The dow just has to close up 0.01 and its a new record high. Today they dow closed higher again making it 13 for 14 and 21 for 25.

    Tomorrow may be down, but tomorrow night Google reports, if they show upside the markets will proabably regain any losses they have tomorrow, on Friday.

    That is 100% guaranteed.....
  9. Each time we have gap-d down, buyers rush in.

    Nikkie is down 357 points now. I don't think we will see a serious US reaction to Asia. China is selling due to 'intrest rate" fears. Raising the rates in China is a possibility.

    US is less likely to raise rates next FOMC, in fact if anything we will cut eventually.Our economy is not strong but hanging in there. The serious troubel for the US economy has a massive lag time, could be in to 2009 or even 2010 before we see a meltdown. Dollar will break through 80 even and continue to drop in a slow jerky pattern.

    Gold will continue volitile moves and Oil will be up around 70 a barrel sooner than later.

    Right now, as bearish as I am on the US as a whole, the Trend is your friend for a while. Unless a significant reversal happens, 15% sell off from the highs. Trend is Up Up Up with dips to buy.

  10. The futures suck..**** em'
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