Had a chance to use an iPhone in real life setting: Gigantic POS

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  1. 1st, most web sites are unaccessible because if there are too many pop ups, you can't use them.

    2nd, screen resolution is POOR.

    3rd, limited choice of carrier was BAD idea.

    I am woefully disappointed in the iPhone.

    I was expecting Apple to execute so well, as they typically do, and they fell so short of the mark.

    Edit - I would NOT pay $199 for the iPhone, let alone $399 or $499 for it.
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    You are so mistaken.
    Apple never executes well, they always leave way to much room for improvement. Its like they build it into their products to initally suck and then get better. Every product of thiers always is missing something important.

    iphone- no video capture, not highspeed, no copy paste, ipod games dont work on iphone, ringtones came out way to late.

    Every time they come out with an update its a news story. They added ringtones, big deal all other phones had them before. Why was apple so behind, its so BS its just so they can keep your attention. Its seduction at its best.

    Watch the next thing to hit is a faster internet iphone, meanwhile theres already phones out that can watch live tv (Verizon phones).

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    Another point, mac book air. One USB port, and you have to get the mac book pro if you want to plug in a wireless card for mobile highspeed. Their other laptops just don't have the slots. Meanwhile some of the cheapest dells have the slot for under $700.
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    must be how you set it up, my bro-in-law, a isp provider runs his business on his iphone, he pulled up a chart, no popup, np.

  5. I was always under the impression that Apple executed well with their ipods and macbooks.

    Maybe not, though; you raised some legit issues.

  6. I swear, 95% of sites - got a message saying site was not accessible. It has something to do with whether there are a lot of pop up advertisements (maybe java apps?)....
  7. In a former life I was a Retail District Manager for VerizonWireless. One of the few perks was getting to use tons of different phones as they were being tested, etc.

    I now have an Iphone on Tmobile. They missed the boat on lots of features. No native pix/video messaging, no junk mail filter, no 3rd party apps...the list goes on.

    What they did do was completely change the user experience for cellphones. I enjoy using this more than anything I have used prior. My guess is it was a great step forward for what can be done in the handset hardware and software industries.
  8. I use mine everyday, best browser on a phone I've ever had. Just needs flash though, which is on the way.
  9. Maybe that is the issue with incompatibility with sites having lots of pop-ups.
  10. I bought AAPL @ 117.17 as a long term investment on Friday, meaning not a trade.

    Think the future is extremely bright for this company.

    Plan is to sell i on the next bull market run, whenever that might be.

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