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  1. Just wondering if this has happened to any of you, and what you guys do to protect your account/computer.

    I've had my computer hacked in and it got totally fried. Luckily I didn't have any important or sensitive information.

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    Try ZoneAlarm...you can get a free version (what I use) it's great (you cannot use xsquak box until you dis-able it though, and they have a $30.00 "Pro'" version as well.

    I think their URL is; www.zonealarm.com if you want more protection chekc out Black Ice Defender or do a search on "firewalls"

    hope that helps you.

  3. You can use xsquawk with Zone Alarm enabled. You just need to turn the security down to medium for the few seconds it takes to connect to xsquawk then turn it back up to high.
  4. How was it hacked? Who hacked it, and why?
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    I was told by xsquak to turn it off, thanks for the tip!

  6. Madison,

    this happened a few years ago. A friend sent this game via email to a bunch of his friends, and I was one of them. The game had some kind of virus. Dunno exactly what kind, but it basically let the hackers know that my computer was online and left the backdoor open. I'm assuming it was some kid, and he basically erased my files right before my eyes.

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out.

  7. This is the most basic of hacks, and doesn't require any expert knowledge. It was probably a spotty kid using a hacking program such as Back Orifice, Sub Seven or Netbus who randomly scanned ports for infected victims who were currently online... and you came up, much to the chagrin of your trusted hard drive... the best policy is to get an integrated firewall (to give your ports a stealth appearance) and virus scanner / expunger (to eliminate any malicious keys currently living on your hard drive), in order to prevent this happening again and to identify and report the hacker to his ISP (assuming its a kid who was stupid enough to not route through another server to cloak his origin)...