Hackers get info. From the Federal Reserve

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  1. Team GhostShell reported to be the hackers.

    Can't get the link to show here. On my wife's IPad.
  2. There is some BIG news here! This info the hackers stole is incriminating.
  3. sheda


    Project mayhem?
  4. achilles28


    Who can make sense of it?
  5. ktm


    What's all this then?
  6. zdreg


    " On my wife's IPad. "
    get a new ipad or a new wife but do something.:D
    as forest gump said when the shit hits the fan do something even if it is the wrong thing.

    it is old news.
  7. ktm


    Looks like they were barking around about 10 days ago about how they'd hacked all this gov't stuff.

    I don't see any info as a result of these "acquisitions".

    I suspect the men in dark suits have arrived at their homes.
  8. zdreg


    "I suspect the men in dark suits have arrived at their homes. "

    there are no man in dark suits.
    while i don't know about this group my first suspicions are they are either eastern europeans or iranians.

  9. Some of the important links have been shut down. I got no results for some of the World Airport Transfers info., for instance.

    Could anyone get the links to the stolen Fed info.?

    If not, it could be posted at some time in the future, unless the Feds have already confiscated all the copies.
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