Hackers find new way to cheat on Wall Street

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  2. "That" could be eliminated by only having open-outcry trading. :) :(
  3. Always "sumpin".
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    great article. thanks
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    Just because a hacker can attack somebody doesn't mean he can win at trading. People who don't actually trade at this level don't understand that the 15 microsecond timeframe is a battlefield just as much as the 15 minute timeframe.

    Funny how the title implies that it is a done deal and could net "millions in seconds" ..... just some researcher's pipe dream.


    The guy in the article is full of crap:

    Computers can easily track nanoseconds, one billionth of second
    where as hes saying a micro second, one millionth, is a problem?

    and... they still have to clear the trade

    And its not like clearing firms don't check their work every day for discrepancies.
  7. I do believe, in the not too distant future, some Algo dude with some insight will figure out that Math isn't the way to do it.
    Could be Range, Vol, Tick...who knows?!?But the key is VISUAL... graphically oriented.
    Pattern Matcher stuff is on track, just not there yet.
    One day tho, one day.
    I'm not smart enough ...I'm no code lord...but there's guys out there smart enough to figure it out, if it hasn't been done already ...might be employed now on a small scale in some obscure European or Asian index.

    I'm not talking about hacking, altho some will call it cheating. It'l be the software that shuts down Mkts, making them worthless.
    I also believe one day some poor half nut will figure out Warp Drive...many yrs from now.
    imho, fwiw, and ymmv
  8. wow what a pathetic useless article serving only to advertise some loser's network monitoring technology. (no offence OP)
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    Tsing Tao

    the point of the article is probably just to set up a scape goat so when the next flash crash happens, they can say they were hacked.
  10. Information transmission, so far, is limited by the speed of light. Information mostly is transmitted in media at less than the speed of light.

    At the speed of light information would travel at approximately 11.8 inches per nanosecond.

    Realistic expectations are always a good thing.
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