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    Like many of us here, I trade on a cable modem. A few days ago I received a spam mail from "evidence Eliminator", a software tool that deep cleans one's hard drive. When I clicked on part of the ad I was shocked to see a snap shot of all of my c drive. Is it that simple to get into my computer. My fears of someone getting my e-mailed statements and worse case lifting my passwords is causing me paranoia beyond coping. Plus I know zip about firewalls ect. Any one think I'm nuts or is there a legitimate fear that evil doers are lurking all around me ready to steal the little $ I've got left.
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    Get ZoneAlarm from www.zonelabs.com It is free and it is one of the best (if not the best) out there.

    Go to www.grc.com to test your vulnerability (Shields Up!) before and after you install ZA.

    There is no way in hell that a properly configured ZA would let anyone see your hard drive. I use it and my ISP bitches because they can't ping me. I'm invisible on the network. Hope it helps.
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    time for you to test your computer using on-line testing facility from norton.com, grc.com, checkit.com to name a few and download at least some trial software from zone alarm or do a search on download.com and try out security software from well know brand. I suspect when you click on message it activate the hard drive reader, for the same reason I always 'X' to close that kind of pop up message.
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    You guys are awesome!! Downloaded Zone Alarm for free, then went to GRC and used Shields Up. Stealth baby! That Zone thing kept popping up saying a web site was trying to get in and we slammed it out everytime. To-night I sleep! Thank You Both!
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    It's a big scam to seperate you from your money. The trick is a simple redirect to your C: drive. You and only you can see the contents. It's the same as you putting C: into the address bar.

    The free version of ZoneAlarm is very good and easy to set up. Just read the directions so you know how to use it.

  6. Another good option to avoid being scanned and scammed
    is to use a little program called MAILWASHER
    It's a shareware, (i.e. kinda free), it allows you to check your email messages before downloading them to OUTLOOK, and the really neat thing is that it allows you to bouce (i.e address unkonwn) spam and undesired messages.
    Based on my own experience, after a couple of bounced Spams, the spammers remove you from their list.

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    Pabst, to me your concerns seem well founded. Two things that I have done and think are worth the money, that are non computer related.

    A paper shredder, there are usually several stories a year of people diving in dumpsters for credit card receipts and social security numbers. Seems they would rather get a job, but people say that about traders.:cool:

    The other thing, that is worth checking out is all of the credit rating agencies (trans-union) (equifax) and (hyperion??) will for about $50 bucks a year provide you with copies of your credit reports and E-mail you if there is any activity on your credit report. If you have read any of the cases of identity theft, and the hassle and cost people go through, to me it is worth it.
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    Happy to hear that another trader is now secure on the web. :)
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    Agree, there's a few programs I really like now:

    1. having norton security for email virus disabling & download checks, (though norton didn't ID at least one trojan)

    2. having goback from roxio.com in case a virus gets thru somehow

    3. having zonealarm pro and sygate together for firewalls

    4. tauscan for a trojan scanner

    5. neotrace (now w/mcaf) for IP traceroutes

    check out download.com for trial versions of all
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