Hackers breach credit card system; the breach could set a record

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  1. Why do we live in a world, where the credit companies can sell our credit information to others, companies lose huge amounts of our credit information through laptops left by their employees or hackers, banks can charge us to monitor whether others stole it, and people have to fight tooth and nail to protect their identies?

    And if some retailers decide to ruin your credit history because of their demands, you have little recourse to fight back? Ever see a customer ruin the credit rating of Target??? While Experian and other credit agencies crank out their concept of your credit rating, causing some grief in locating work, getting loans, higher car insurance costs, etc.???

    Why don't people own their own credit information?????????????????

    Latest disaster - perhaps more than 100,000,000 transactions breached, and this may have gone on for months...

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    good fuck em.
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    they do 100mil a month
    so its probably more like several hundred million
    a very large percentage of cards have been compromised i'm sure
  4. Indeed why is the personal information of customers turned into a commodity which customers have virtually no control over? Makes no sense. Even worse is that the system is such that people are coerced into divulging such information.

    It's all about business. Ordinary people seem oblivious to how their personal interests are compromised for the benefit of business and commerce. It seems innate in the culture. Do web browsers really need to send info of its users' browsing back to websites? Are "holidays" such as Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, and now Grandparents' Day necessary?

    Those science fiction stories that warn of future societies where people are mere peons of big business are already coming to pass and people don't seem aware much less concerned.
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  6. TZ, let's not forget HIPPA, the most comprehensive reform to protect our privacy. The more the gov't protects our privacy the worse it gets.
  7. Many years ago, I went into a small video rental store to look at videos. The cashier actually wanted my social security # to take out a video!!! I said "you have GOT to be kidding!!! "Since then, I have never rented a movie from any store, but do use netflix at times.
  8. I keep awaiting the bill someday, where I get a 10% copay for a heart transplant performed on a stranger who stole my medical card info from a doctor's office... :D