Hacker group Anonymous says, "Take a thumb drive to work." Leak your company's data!

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  1. Anonymous already has an astounding 3 terabytes of U.S. government data. In a HILARIOUS Star-Wars-like video they say they will leak it all in the coming months just like the Manning leaks, Stratfor, HBGary computer security, etc., etc.

    Leak all the illegal activity of your employer, or anyone's employer.

    Don't be left standing on the losing team with big business and big government that has behaved unethically with the American people. Many of their secrets will soon be revealed.

    A famous catholic Cardinal once said he could find enough to hang any honest man, if he got 6 handwritten sentences from that man. 3 terabytes (a SHITLOAD) of leaked government data is gonna create some big losers that you don't want to stand with.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I'm still waiting for Anonymous to hack the Federal Reserve. Or the Stock Market (NYSE). Or for wikileaks to release all that bank info that was supposedly damning.

    One big yawn.
  3. Uh oh.

    There's a mole inside the DOJ. He's acting as a whistleblower for investigations against the DOJ. Investigators know his name but are keeping it secret.

    People! There's an easier way. There's a million ways to quickly, safely and anonymously leak documents that *cannot be taken down*. Go to Pastebin.com, Pastebay.com, or even The Pirate Bay.

    Are the people at work getting on your nerves? Put your boss in jail!