Habitat for Humanity

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  1. Has anyone done any volunteer work for this organization? I am interested in learning how to build with my hands (blue collar education). Have any of you worked with HFH and learned a lot while doing volunteer work for them? I figure the worst case scenario is that I help build some houses and the best case scenario is that I learn how to do any type of home repair.
  2. sure you can pick up some skills - not master craftsmanship, but all the basics. and it's a really great organization for a worthy cause. I'd recommend it.
  3. Come on down to So Cal, I have lots of blue collar work for ya. That way I won't have to hire illegals to get the work done.

  4. aphie,

    they are a good, legit group. enjoy your education with them !


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    Think you are right on both counts-win win situation.:cool:

    Not saying Mr. J.Carter was in the same group as Mr. R. Reagan.
    ''Sucess brings momentum '' Mark Zchech family quote -Emerald Press


    No question you'll learn by "doing". And you might get exposed to a lot more than you think .. besides the actual construction there's the landscaping, working with the recipients on budgeting, ... all in all a really worthwhile experience.