Ha ha, you internet "free speech" losers. Judges ruling against Julian Assange soon get promoted.

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  1. Legal proceedings are at the very top of the pyramid in society.

    Judge Baraitser and Judge Arbuthnot ruled against Assange, and were soon promoted.

    "Free speech" (which is code for "right-winger") is going to be removed from public life. If you don't own the legal world, you lose.

    Goodbye Trumpers!


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    Nov 10
    The two judges who ruled on the Julian #Assange case have both since been promoted.

    Arbuthnot, who ruled to keep Assange in jail, defying the UN, is now a high court judge.

    Baraitser, whose ruling means other journalists could be extradited to the US, is now a Circuit Judge.
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    Small sample size, but that doesn't mean there isn't a point to be made.
  3. we're winning on every front.