HA HA Russia and Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Visionary8, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. ALot of merchants (traders) will be crying when america falls.

    America only has no more then 5 years left.

    The people who proclaim to be jews are not, but are liars and are of the snyagouge of satan.

    What is truth what is a lie? Everything is bull$hit, politicts religion.

    You people better check yourself,
  2. Visions of old trade nick, religious vomit equals fed rate cuts. Lab rats theorize in regards to speculative position limits. And the kibber jabber of ron pauls al gorean weather patterns are indignant!
  3. really haha

    who cares, they love america so much they have nothing to talk about but america

    they are like a girl who was cheated on by her boyfriend, but still loves his gay ass and can't stop talking about him, but at the same time feels like hating him

    he will soon die, my curses will kill him

    his girlfriend will cheat on him and he will come crying to me

    ahaha :D


    and FUCK GOD!