ha ha ha Zogby gives Obama a 3 point lead

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  1. http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=1572

    ROFL Obama only has a 3 point lead according to Zogby poll. Ruters polls only give Obama a four point lead.


    Intrade, on the other hand, is giving Obama a 69% chance of winning. This is absurd. Expect Obama's intrade number to fall to 50% as the election nears.

    Obama is still facing an uphill battle appealing to working, hard working, white Americans. McCain does appeal to hard working voters from small towns, Reagan democrats, and some disaffected Hillary voters. Despite the fake financial crisis and non-Keating scandal that hasn't changed. McCain and Palin are patriotic and can relate to the struggles of working Americans. Obama can't. Thats why the polls are so close.

    The Daily KOS poll gives obama an 11 point lead...no bias there:p :p
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    Last night I watched ABC's evening broadcast news with Charlie Gibson. It was nearly an Obama ad appealing to working class voters in Ohio. Charlie Gibson was broadcasting from Ohio, they showed pictures of closed and fenced off plants and went to diners and bars with the typical overweight voter bitching about how horrible things are. Charlie asked a group of these voters one by one who they were voting for, they were each answering Obama and when he got to the last one the voter said, "I'm putting country first", then after a short pause, "by voting Obama".

    I myself plan on voting Obama, but this media bias disgusts me. At the end of the broadcast Charlie Gibson said the voters in that stricken town are hopeful for a change, an obvious reference to Obama's campaign slogan.

    I think Zogby runs a pretty accurate poll. Definitely more accurate that Charlie Gibson's poll of overweight grousers at the local greasy spoon.
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  4. Change... that was the buzzword of the Clinton admin too.. my question is change to what? We are reaping the devestation of Clinton's change in regard to redlining loans in krappy areas where people can't pay a house payment...
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    "The polls now all indicate an Obama win on Nov. 4; some even suggest a landslide. But there's a strong chance the race will tighten back up this month.

    Anger over the Wall Street mess has been pushing voters to Barack Obama in droves. And John McCain's effort to get involved in the solution only hurt him.

    By suspending his campaign and heading to Washington, McCain made himself a central actor in the unpopular bailout, and thus a target of populist outrage. It also hurt his his effort to show how he far he is from President Bush - there he was, shoulder to shoulder with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Bush and Wall Street.

    But October may see the end of Obama's surge: He's peaking too soon.

    Once the Democrat is seen as the clear leader and likely winner, the spotlight will inevitably shift to him. And he may not benefit from the increased attention.

    Obama didn't do well when he last emerged on top, in later Democratic primaries. The more it appeared that Hillary Clintonwould lose, the more voter concerns over Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright cost him state after state in the later primaries.

    Obama still beat Clinton because he'd already amassed a sufficient delegate lead earlier on. That dynamic doesn't apply in the general election.

    The Democrat gained by standing back during the rescue-bill drama. But now voters (with a strong push from the McCain campaign) will be giving him a closer look - and some won't like what they see.

    They will examine his tax proposals and spending plans, and question his economic credentials. Facing one of the gravest crises in our nation's history, they'll wonder: Is it wise to trust an ingénue with little experience with the power of the White House?

    All the cash Obama wanted to spend on health care, education and infrastructure just walked out the door en route to Wall Street. He must either abandon his program, hike taxes on almost everyone or run a huge deficit.

    His ties to unrepentent terrorist William Ayers will also draw new attention. The record clearly shows that Obama was lying when he called Ayers just a guy "who lives in my neighborhood."

    Ayers got a $50 million grant for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Obama was put in charge of giving out the money and funded left-wing groups like ACORN for a program that's now billed as "school reform" but amounted to political indoctrination.

    As Stanley Kurtz wrote in The Wall Street Journal, Obama and Ayers "worked as a team to advance the CAC agenda," namely "Ayers' educational philosophy, which called for infusing students and their parents with a radical political commitment, and which downplayed achievement tests in favor of activism."

    So Obama will be in the spotlight on how he'd handle the economy and on whether he is part of the political mainstream.

    Voters will still be in the mood for throwing the Republicans out of office, so Obama may not fall all the way down - but October will be no cakewalk for the Democrat."
  6. Change?

    I think 'Joe Sixpack' and 'Mary Wine Cooler' are pissed as hell when they see deregulation of financial markets leading to the CEO of bk'd Lehman walk away with a half billion dollar parachute, their tax dollars used to bailout - via an amazingly flawed plan - morons running banks and insurance companies, and massive job losses raping the fundamental infrastructure of the economy, as they and their neighbors lose health insurance and their homes.

    Yeah. I agree. We are reaping devastation - only, it's the devastation of McBush policies.

    You're going to see 'Change' because people want blood.

    McCain is, in his own words, 'gung ho on deregulation.'

    You'll see a massive announcement about that.
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    And, according to this brilliant argument, made daily by the idiot with the big ears on the stump, Bush was able to influence the whole world, right? Convince them or order them to bring their economies to the brink of disaster as well, is that correct? What a superman that GW is, amazing!!!

    Really folks, it is plain to anyone with more than half a brain that this is a global set of events, maybe cyclical or maybe man-made, but global, not just ours. We were at fault only to the extent that we are forced to play our game in a global tournament, that's all.

    But who's counting? Who's thinking rationally? Or fairly? The liberal elite wants blood and they will lie shamelessly to get it... Oh well :(
  8. Working, hard working, white Americans aren't going to be fooled by the anti-deregulation liberal rhetoric. They know that Obama will raise their taxes if he gets the chance to even if he promises not to. Small business will also be affected by Obama's tax hikes since most most small businesses make over 250,000 a year.

    Good article by Kudlow:


    If McCain does this he'll win
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    You've got to look at the darkest side of a character, such as the Obama/Eyers associations to know the real truth behind the man and his mask.
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    OOPS - I don't think this is the proper expression, there are many many black Americans who work hard too, no matter who they vote for and for what reason...
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