H1N1 flu strain found in Canadian turkeys

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  1. http://in.reuters.com/article/health/idINTRE59J55H20091020

    H1N1 flu strain found in Canadian turkey flock

    Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:03am IST
    WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) -
    Turkeys in the Canadian province of Ontario have become infected with the H1N1 flu virus, but no birds or eggs from the farm entered the food supply, provincial government officials said on Tuesday.

    The infection poses minimal risk to human health, Dr. Arlene King, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, said in a news conference in Toronto.

    However, she noted the discovery highlights the need for those who work with farm animals to be vaccinated for both seasonal flu and the pandemic H1N1 flu strain.
    The risk of the virus passing between people and animals is that the virus could evolve into a form against which humans have little or no immunity, King said. There is no evidence that the virus has changed, she added.

    The discovery in a single Ontario barn by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the second known incident of turkeys becoming infected with the H1N1 virus, also called swine flu. The first was in a flock in Chile.
    The Ontario case comes just over a week after the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, which traditionally involves a turkey dinner.
    Health officials are following up with people who had contact with the infected turkeys. One person with contact had shown flu-like symptoms.

    The turkeys' owner has voluntarily agreed to quarantine the infected birds, but they aren't likely to be prematurely slaughtered, said Dr. Deb Stark, Ontario's chief veterinarian.

    The outbreak of H1N1 flu among turkeys in Chile was discovered in August. It was also the first case of the virus being found outside humans and pigs [ID:nN20543933].
    Earlier this year the strain was found in hog herds in the Western Canadian provinces of Alberta and Manitoba.
    (Reporting by Rod Nickel; editing by Rob Wilson)
  2. STFU, this swine flu or h1n1 as jerk offs like to call it, is the biggest hoax of the year. It is a bigger hoax then this liberal from Colorado who tried to tell the world his 6 year old was in a balloon. Swine Flu is a non-issue and poses no more a threat than seasonal flu. I am sick and tired of hearing about this and I want this kept off the internet and TV. Anyday I expect the Obama faithful to use swine flu as an excuse to pass socialized healthcare.
  3. Dear Dr. Jack Ass,

    What are you stammering about?


  4. Dear ByHiSellLo,

    You bought into a hoax, you stupid idiot. My post clearly stated that.
  5. Dear Dr. Jack Ass,

    It's a hoax that H1N1 has been found in Canadian Turkeys?

    Did we really land on the moon?

    Watch out for those black helicopters.


  6. drJ - I hope you're right. My concern is that more young children have so far died from this flu than is usual for the entire flu season.

    And viruses grow exponentially. We won't know for sure how bad this gets until January-February.


    "Of the 86 children who have died since the new swine flu arose last spring, 43 deaths have been reported in September and early October alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. That's a startling number because in some past winters, the CDC has counted 40 or 50 child deaths for the entire flu season — and no one knows how long this swine flu outbreak will last."

  7. Dear BuyHiSellLo,

    ITS NOT A HOAX. Seal up your house. Avoid all contact with anyone. Surrender all power to the federal government who will then surrender all sovereignty to the United Nations to fight this deadly swine flu that is about to kill every single living being on the planet. Run scared. Panic. It is in turkeys now. All the turkeys will be dead by Thanksgiving. Don't think. Don't use reason. Watch the nightly news and get emotional about it. Its over. The end is near. Freak out.

    Instead, why don't you do what you are best at and that is being on the other side of my winning trades.

    BTW, if the turkey catches swine flu then passes it on to a person, does the person have swine flu or bird flu?