H1B Visa program has already ruined this country

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    I've heard about this affecting electrical engineers too. I'm just wondering how much of this is true?
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    Here's a story about an electrical engineer being layoff due to the H1-B visa program:

    Not just a number: Engineer finds it hard to compete against foreign tech workers
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    Used to be only IT but now it spread to many skilled jobs in the US.

    As long as the corporations dictate government policy anything than can be out/insource will be.

    I hear MCD is soon hiring 50,000 soon so it all works out
  5. Here is what i don't understand -- the yearly cap on H1B's is supposed to be 65k. So, that being the case, how do so many companies end up with mostly foreign technology staff?

    I have had the same experience at many different large corporations and i don't see how that comes to be given the relatively low yearly cap.
  6. Simple: It is third world Arbitrage. It is killing the private sector middle, upper middle, and working class, and it will only get worse UNLESS we move towards a more Nationalistic economic model that values sovereignty and productivity on an equal basis with legal claims.
  7. But the owners of American companies are Americans and they are bringing foreign workers. If American owners want they can stop foreign workers from taking jobs. Maybe there is illegal partnership between American owners and foreign worker providers or American owners need cheap labour.
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    This story represents two concepts going on in most of big firms here: money and politics.

    Even trading and client order execution has been outsourced.

    Outsourcing is the future, whether we like it or not. I think of it as generations ago, people didn't move around from city to city. Now we do: we move from Boston, NY, SF, etc... for the best opportunities. Granted, it is within this country. But going forward, we have to move around on earth for the best job. Not ideal especially if you have to take local salary that is a lot lower in dollar terms - but you get to live like a king in the 3rd world (booming to be 2nd..1st soon enough), but that's the future.

    I was slated to get replaced by Thai employees back in 2003 at Reuters. For the cost of an american developer, you can get 8. Put 8 bodies on a project, you get it done 8x faster! Heck... even if you get it donw 2x faster, companies would do it. They only realize that it doesn't work that way later.... Upper management are not developers/PMs. They are business people... cost/benefit folks. and political savy.

    Hope you find something. Economy is picking up. GL.
  9. I think at present there are 400 million people in USA (American + foreigners).
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    so that explains why this days i find the newer version of softwares tend to be unstable compared to older e.g. acrobat reader, oracle EM
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