h&s top has morphed into a MUCH BIGGER h&s bottom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Bears bent over , fetal position, owned.

    If that's you, you deserve it .
  2. h&s top has morphed into a MUCH BIGGER h&s bottom that has morphed into a MUCH MUCH BGGER h&s top.
  3. yer talkin out yer ass.

    what time frame are you looking at? 1000 year?
  4. think he might have meant double-top with a perfectly shortable right shoulder here before we see how low we really can go
  5. Lucrum


    So which is it?
  6. I see the face of christ.


    You guys are too much.
  7. mililani


    If it's time to short, it's now. Taking a small short S&P futures at 970. If it keeps rallying, i'll add to it.
  8. So if it keeps rallying, you'll be averaging in? To a rally this strong?

    Why are so many eager to kill themselves?
  9. Lucrum


    I'm showing 966 as the high so far this evening.
  10. mililani


    Shorting the futures. Dudes, it's a game of statistics and probability. We've seen 10 up days in a row. Statistically, this hasn't happened since 10 years ago. I'm betting we're heading back down.
    #10     Jul 24, 2009