Gym teacher does the whole football team

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  1. You must not be familiar with the game of American Football.....there are WAY more than 5 players on a football team :p

  2. can't we all just agree if it was a male teacher he should go to jail and if its a female teacher.... well that's just awesome..
  3. Perhaps if the teacher was a lesbian and the "victims" were members of the girls volleyballs team we would have a "teaching" moment, raising awareness of gender identity.

    But no, the outrage is from the fact we went to the wrong schools, with the wrong teachers, damn I wished I would have played football.
  4. LOL Agreed.
  5. A 30 something year old single woman and a teenage boy is like playing with matches in a large gasoline spill.
  6. Lucrum


    Where were all of these bimbo teachers at when I was in high school?

    I was packing blue steel that could drive 10 penny nails through solid oak back then.
  7. :D LOL!
  8. Kids are really spoiled these days
  9. It's probably going on forever. I had a friend in high school who was dating one of the hottest girls there. Then he started screwing her mother who was just as Hot.
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