Gym Goers' Build and Political Affiliation

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  1. One interesting phenomena I observed is the correlation between gym goer's build and political affiliation. I go to Gold's Gym in two states, one is conservative and another is liberal. The Gold's gym in the conservative state tends to have people lifting heavier weights and stronger and large body build; the liberal one tends to have people lifting less weight and weaker and thiner body build.
    I do not have enough cases to generalize.
    But I can offer plausible rational behind it if it can be generalized. Liberals tend to be weaklings, tend to ask for hand-outs; conservatives tend to be tough guys. This is reflecgted in weight lifting, to over come bordem, pain of heavy-lifting.

    Or maybe conservagtives got more and better food. :D

    This is for a fun break of tr.ading
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    Thanks for the 'scientific' study. I'm sure you'll get a few people to repeat your 'findings' as 'facts'. I congratulate you on advancing the cause of human knowledge.