Gwen Ifill's book!!!!!

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  1. I like this lady , tough as nails, I forgive her leaning towards Clinton during the primaries.
    I would have voted for John McCain rather than this feminist bitch.
    I'm looking forward to the dy when we'll have a good woman run for president, someone less hateful of men. Like Angela Merkel in Germany.
    Angry bitter women like Angry Black men will never reach the White house
  2. she presided over a weekly political show for the last 2 years on PBS (public money), and she prevented discussion of any real issues facing this country

    nothing but idiotic 'made for media' event of the week and election horserace

    she's mainstream media scum
  3. Were you born a racist bigoted white supremacist, or did you have to work to achieve such levels of ignorant hatred?

  4. Did not you work for Alan Keyes?

    No, I am a white male. Difference between you and me is that I understand when a white person in the white house creates an existential threat for me.

    John McCain would have either gotten US into a nuclear war with Russia and or China or sent people into Iran to deal with the 21st century version of "white man's burden"

    I have NOTHING in common with John McCain. Not in terms of values or worldview. So I am going to use my head to vote for someone who is best for the country and me.
  5. I worked closely with Alan Keyes. He keynoted my fundraiser. I voted for Harold Washington too. But for a white guy to start a thread with a bunch of !!!!!'s after Gwen Ifill's name is gay, that's all. I mean if it was a black chick texting her girlfriend at Emory a message"OMG!!! Gwen Ifills book!!!!!!!! Gotta BY IT!!!!!!!" that would be one thing but when I picture a white guy posting that I'm picturing an Eninem "white" guy or some angst ridden, patsy faced coffee house clown reading an alternative newspaper. Some people vote with Madonna and Al Sharpton other people vote with Howie Long and Mike Ditka.

  6. How about I want to "stick it" to people who created a false outrage about someone I respect? Had this happened to Tom brokaw I would have done the same. i happen to watch PBS and like it. That Gwen Ifill is black has nothing to do with my opinion of her.
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    Angela Merkel is more like a man. I don't think we should have a woman running for the politics, yes, vice president, even better, but not a would be too difficult for any good woman. Women do very good in the the background...
  8. and this very sexist judgment comes from...a woman ?
    Angela Merkel has done an outstanding job since she took over as chancellor even though most of the Agenda 2010 was a SPD led initiative. I used to live in Germany at that time, and though I did like Schroeder, if only for being such a good speaker & political beast. I think her less aggressive posture helped her a lot push through a lot of reforms.
    Now Ypsilanti, that's one unbearable bitch, shes exactly like Clinton, and will never win...not that I like Koch, he's a major league asshole.
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