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    Considering her upcoming book release, I thought Gwen was totally fair and unbiased, as I thought Jim Lehrer was in his moderator role. Refreshing, to say the least.
  2. I thought she did a terrible job of calling both candidates out when they gave non-answers.
  3. Like I said, trashing PBS for its lack of objectivity is only done by people who are not very bright and who consider rush limbaugh to be the guiding light in their life.
  4. Hope that's not directed at me, I love PBS, hate FATRush and respect Ifill.
  5. No it is directed at those who no matter what kind of evidence still think Obama will do more harm than McCain to this country.
  6. I think IFILL did her job perfectly like I said she would. It is not her job to call out people on lies and distortions. It is her job to see that people keep to the format (keeping time, making sure audience does not make noise, making sure candidates don't interrupt each other, etc.) That bitch Malkin should be shot for denigrating Ifill.
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    I should say that her questions didn't seem to favor one candidate over the other, thus unbiased in that sense.
  8. Yeah, lynch that bitch Malkin, she must think she lives in a free country or something.

    Just because the moderator of an important debate has an enormous conflict of interest, who is she to point it out?

    The biggest problem is not Ifill. It is PBS. Government has no business funding news organizations that cover...government. PBS is biased. How else can we explain Bill Moyers having a platform for about 50 years to go on his crazed leftwing rants? In fairness, the NewsHour is far more objective than any of the networks.
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    No, it's done by people who have watched PBS and listened to its cousin, National Proletariat Radio, over the years and have at least semi-developed critical thinking skills.

    In case you need a little edu-ma-cashion.

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