GWDB, my multi-bagger play ;)

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  1. Guys,

    This is really hardcore stuff. For most traders it’s not even a ticker to look at, but since I really believe on this play, I’ll post it anyway.

    Gateway Distributors Ltd. (GWDB.OB), announced some nice results today:

    Their website:

    Taking in consideration this is a little 225.59K Market Cap penny, trading near the worst possible bottom ground, I have reasons to believe that the market will give some credit to this financial improvements the company achieved on the last quarter.

    I’m kind of used to this micro penny plays, and nobody is looking to this one yet, although the volume is almost half of the float today.
    In June, the stock traded 0.0003 and 0.0004 and jumped on a few days to 0.0027.

    For one thing I’m almost 100% certain……… this penny will not stay here for much longer.

    Any thoughts on this ? or is just a junk play ?

    I’m in at 0.0004
  2. Arnie


    Gimme a dollars worth!:D
  3. I've enjoyed the session, good volume but not excessive. Good news, and besides showing that the board is now using for the first time Bussiness Wire for press releases.

    This could just been the first of several days rise.
    I expect huge gains tomorrow ;)
  4. you are kidding me right?
    That companys worth $300k

    It has Balance Sheet
    Total Cash (mrq): 1.12K
  5. As I've told on the first post, I dont expect that most traders would even consider looking at this micro cap.

    I dont care if this company will have a good future on the next years, probably they wont. All I care is that on the coming weeks, this stock will not be trading @ 0.0004, but next to 0.0020
  6. A bit too gamey for me. However, assuming that this is not just a case of pumpage & dumpage of a money-losing MLM company, let us know how you fare in due course.
  7. Hi thunderdog,

    Yes this is too gamey ;) but my position is taking in consideration some Money management rules, I’m not selling the Porsche to buy this penny.

    Definitively this is not a pump & dump move, the move is going slowly and with not such a great volume. When I bought GWDB yesterday, bid/ask was 0.0003/0.0004… now is already 0.0005/0.0006, moving very slowly. I think the big push should come after 0.0009/0.0010 only. Most traders are not looking to it right now.

    Ok, I let you guys know how this play will turn on my pocket, if I lose or win… anyway, I can only lose 3 ticks not more ehhehe

    Cya !
  8. Babak