GWB thanks "the good lord" for protecting our soldiers

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  1. this is coming from THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES believes a supernatural being is protecting our soldiers. IT IS SHOCKING HOW CRAZY THE WORLD IS. i'm really starting to think no religious man is fit to be president. you'd think if a god is powerful enough to create the entire universe, he could protect ALL our soldiers if he was on our side. why is he killing some of them? (hint: because he doesn't exist.)

    it's exactly this bs why we're in this mess to begin with. the violent allah-worshipping savages believe their own crazy god sh!t, too. can we stop acting like religion is some good thing? ON FOX NEWS, I SEE A MUSLIM HOLDING A CIVILIAN HOSTAGE AT GUNPOINT AND THEN A FEW MOMENTS LATER I SEE A ADVERTISEMENT FOR A "WHO IS JESUS?" SPECIAL. what a f*cked up planet this is.

    and all you god lovers who think we're living god's plan, WHAT THE F*CK KIND OF PLAN IS THIS?! within the next few days some civilian hostages may be beheaded/burned alive. WHY THE F*CK WON'T THEIR PRAYERS BE ANSWERED?! yeah, i know, if they're released you'll claim they were.



    EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD, kill for god! he is on YOUR side!
  2. Religion isn't bad;
    it's a great tool for the elites with which to control the average people. Having a law that states that it's a bad idea to kill someone because it might cost you a few years in prison is one thing. Truly believing that you will eternally be punished after your life (be it hell, a bad rebirth etc.) is another.

    Problem with islamic societies is that they mostly have not yet succeessfully secularized their government.

    Problem with the USA is that the religieous conservatives, just like the jews, tend to react predictably towards politicians promisses by voting homogenously.
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    that is so damn stupid. saying G-d is saving some is no different than saying G-d is killing some. so if the dead ones weren't worthy of G-d's protection, why are they being lionized, medaled, and buried with honors back home? what, we know better than G-d?
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    minor quibble: there are no western "civilians" in iraq: contractors working for a military gov't are every bit as legitimate targets as traditional soldiers.

    red crescent etc might be an exception, but then locals usually staff those positions anyway.
  5. So Gordon, how did you celebrate Easter?

  6. exactly!! great point!

    god doesn't exist.. if he does, he's one weak, cruel piece of sh!t! :mad:
  7. I ate no meat (no animal suffered for me) and didn't go to church. In other words, I am a civilized, modern, rational man.

    BTW, there really isn't even anything to celebrate on Easter.