Guys who sent me messages and my mailbox was full

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, May 15, 2003.

  1. I have made room.
  2. I'll alert the media...
  3. Then go to the corner of your room, and never leave it...
  4. ElCubano


    hahahahahahaha....I love/hate this guy candle...
  5. Yeah, you were told about it some time ago and just weren't able to translate into French what the words 'my emails have been returned as undeliverable' meant.

    I guess being so engrossed in the subject of Super Strings and the Secret of the Universe keeps your mind fully occupied and totally closed for mundane things.

  6. And you know what room yourself you will never leave : my ignore list :D

    But at the moment you're at least funny unlike freealways so I will keep you :D.

    And I am not anti-freemason I have just revealed what other freemasons have said in books. So you should rather be angry against your brothers than me :D. And I will continue to do it on freemasonry, on right wing, left wing, catholic church, satanic church, bush, clinton, chirac, mitterand, the fed etc... you see I will have the hugest list of ennemies on earth if all were after me :D.


  7. Is this guy or isn't he ?

  8. Finnally cleared out the farm sex porn... good for you :D
  9. by the way, wtf is a ralien lol


  10. I think it's some group that believes the Earth was settled by ancient aliens, or something like that.
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