Guys relax, US takes in 2.7 trillion a year in taxes

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ang_99, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Just shut everything down for 6 months.

    Problem solved.

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    those trillions are spend, nothing left :---)))))

    go borrow more money from china and japan to pay wall street...

  3. Yeah, and they SPEND $3.2 Trillion (well, that's "on balance sheet"... no way to know how much more is spent "off balance sheet") ... that's a MAJOR cause of America's financial ills. :mad:

    Six months of CHOP, thats all I ask. Surely everyone can make due for six months.

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  5. I'll solve the problem right now.

    Global war on terror funding is 145 billion.

    See ya in 4 years.

    NASA can take a long lunch also.
  6. legalize drugs. suddenly the workforce jumps by 5%
  7. then close the border, go after street gangs in a big way, stop using welfare to subsidize crime,get rid of the teacher's unions, make the PAC's illegal and we would be on the right path as a nation... otherwise we are third worldish with everything up for sale via PAC's and stupid criminals/ACLU running shit everywhere...
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    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.-Thomas Jefferson
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    AHMEN !!!
  10. Invade Canada, and seize their national resources
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