Guys, put in your nickel limit orders before monday GTC 60

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, May 8, 2010.

  1. Just in case we get another blow up so you can get filled PG,XOM,GE,CVX,etc.. for a nickel if we get a mother of all meltdowns
  2. Won't it get busted though?
  3. Seems like these miscues always cause sell offs. I don't remember a day where it took the market higher which resulted in busted trades.
  4. Why? IF you are the buyer of last resort and someone needs cash fast, you gave them cash for stocks.

    Its like someone who goes to a pawn shop and pawns something for quick cash out of desperation.
  5. Well yes, thats a fine and acceptable explanation to a fair market.
    But your trade still be busted by nyse and nasdaq :D
  6. Candace


    But we already know the rules. If you settle for a 39% discount to current price you'll be ok.
  7. If PG prints for a nickle, I'll swap you as many paper shares as you want.

    In return for gold, guns, beans, or tillable acreage.