Guys, pull me off of you ignore list...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Overnight, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Overnight


    @MarkBrown , @smallfil and the one or two others whose nicks I cannot recall.

    It is quite annoying to try to engage in a thread and see phantom posts by you guys, (or total gaps in the case of pure blocks). Why am I on your ignore lists, anyways?

    Is it because I posted silly humor? I know it is not because I post walls-of-text, because I use ΒΆ.

    If you prick me, do I not bleed? Guys, lose the ignore lists, please?

    If you disagree with me, then just overlook my stuff. But the conversation breaks in threads are horrible.
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  2. themickey


    They have you 'blocked'.
    Prolly the best way out of that is begin posting some valuable content from time to time that others may appreciate rather than constant noise.
    Unfortunately I put you on ignore very recently because just constant streaming noise.
    As you can see, I haven't blocked you though.
  3. hey i disagree with almost everyone " i don't like blocking people at all" but hopefully most of us can get along.

    so your request has been granted ;)
  4. FriskyCat


    I still cannot figure out if Overnight is a sort of burned out 70 year old or a Millennial.
  5. Overnight



    I am surprised @maxinger has me on the list now. Hmm. *rubs chin thoughtfully.*
  6. Overnight


    By the way, thanks for that. As you can see, I am no worse than others.