guys- market tough but watch DV

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  1. DV is ready to breakout of its base any day. i hate the market but love DV ....YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. BY THE WAY,THESE ARE MY OWN PICKS,I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO ANY BULLSHIT WEBSITE. this is all from the heart. DV
  2. what's devry's PE? industry average PE?
  3. i DON;T LOOK AT P/E's,it clouds a traders judgement. a stock is worth whatever someone wants to pay for it. look at the charts,thats the most honest evaluation out there.
  4. Fundamentals tell you if you should get in.

    Charts tell you when you should get in.
  5. i disagree with that,by and large..i see your point but DV is an obvious call in this type of market anyway. the chart is screaming to me. take a look and you should see what i mean.
  6. It looks good, I won't deny that. It's held up in a market where everything has fallen off a cliff.

    But isn't education recession proof? In fact, in times of high unemployment, that's usually good news for education providers as people who have been laid off decide to go back to school.

    So this may be a good short-term trade but not sure about the long-term just yet.
  7. my brother,we are NOT CONCERNED with long term trading,thats what loses money. we are strictly short term; 5 minutes to a month. i don't even know if i'll be alive in a month. serious.
  8. Warren Buffet would disagree with you.
  9. Warren Buffet can disagree with me all day and twice on sunday; i'm not the one that bought Goldman AT 110.
  10. Joab


    Chart looks very ugly but it could be setting up for a decent move soon.

    I give it 50 / 50 either direction
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