guys, I'm thinking of retiirng from active posting here on ET

Discussion in 'Politics' started by triple_j, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. guys, I've received some flak recently about some of my posts. Actually I've had moddies on my a$$ since day 1 and that was over 3 yrs ago (yes I know it shows I registered in the summer of 2002, but I had another identity registered on June 2000, which was shut down without my consent. That does happen here believe it or not. One morning I tried to log in and couldn't, my account was completely erased), since day 1 I've had people pestering me 4 posting MY OPINION- that's all, Just MY Humble Opinion.

    Lately the flak has been coming not only from moddies but from fellow ET members. So, I'm simply thinking of giving it up- I've got nothing to prove to any1 by posting on this forum. However, if you've looked at my posts, a constant theme I've had is that I've always watched out for the little guy- the small trader. I just hate to see people get taken by the sharks out there. If I've helped 1, just 1 guy keep his life savings or only a few Dollars in his pocket, I've done my job.

    So, I've posted a simple poll, I will wait a few weeks and gauge the reaction, IF there is a reaction. If not, I will quietly go my way. I may register another nic in the future but it will only be 4 observational purposes. Well actually, I may post if we have another event similar to 9/11 or if the NASDAQ COMP trades below 1000- which will happen BTW in due time.


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  3. unless the poster is spamming, i don't think anything should be censored, i don't think any threads should be closed, and i don't think anyone should be banned.

    we all have the ability to use the ignore function and can decide which threads we want to read on our own.
  4. don't think about it JUST DO IT!

    pleeeeaaasee stop with the BS "i just wanna help people" HAHAHAHA!:p

    you wanna help OK give me your core trading strategies right now in a PM.

    yeah that's what i thot... LOL
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    Triple J.....
    The raspberries come with the territory.
    Who cares what the nit wits think.
    Flip them the bird.:p
  6. hey man if you take these things seriously, you need to relax...

    i am a very sensitive guy, but i don't care too deeply about what happens on this board...i butt heads with just about everyone, including those freedom-loathing, tax-wasting republicans, but i don't think they're bad guys...i mean, nobody's perfect...shit, i have a wart on my foot the size of oklahoma...and i take profits way too early and it makes me want to kill people....:mad:

    but i have met good people here and i've battled shouldn't take anything any of us say seriously here...

    your brother in the brotherhood of brotherless brothers,