Guy tries faking his own death

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  2. Life is like Yahoo. Too bad we can't create a new id, life would be simpler.
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    amazing. the biggest cowards in this country just so happen to be some of the richest or at least well enough off. Layoffs, loss of savings, a common blue collar/middle class dilemma and few resort to suicide or faking death to get away with the thievery.

    Seems wall street is riddled with such insecure people. To think, we entrust our life savings with such cowards.
  4. yup i wanna point out that some brokers out there are good guys... they really believe in what they are selling as they are just salesmen most of the time.. like edward jones how many of those guys actually have finance degrees?
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    faking your own death ....for the right rea$on$ , is one of the coolest things to do. There are books that tells you how to do it.

    If you have say 1 M and they are after the entire million you have...wouldn't you consider to maybe die ?

    All they need to do is to take the death certificate to the collectors and your case is ....closed :)

    " He is gone and so is the money. "

    The End.
  6. a FINANCE DEGREE it is only a legal term that you can steal money without going to jail.....
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    guy's got a plan:

    " Unaware of the crash, the officers took Schrenker to a hotel in nearby Harpersville. After hearing about the crash, they went back to the hotel, where they found that Schrenker had checked in under a fictitious name and was gone, possibly into a wooded area, police said.

    However, officials think he fled Harpersville on a red 2008 Yamaha street bike he had stashed at a storage unit earlier, also using an assumed name.

    When leasing the storage facility, Schrenker brought the motorcycle in a brown pickup with a trailer and told the leasing agent he would return for it Monday, according to the Marshals Service.

    When authorities searched the unit late Monday night, the cycle was gone. Some damp clothes had been left on the floor, the Marshals Service said."

    Probably in Mexico by now...
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    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - -- Federal Marshals and New York State Police investigators appear certain that disgraced hedge fund manager Sam Israel III faked a suicide plunge earlier this week and is now on the run after failing to report to federal prison to begin a 20-year sentence on Monday, official sources say.
    Based on new information, it appears Israel "definitely did not jump and is definitely on the run," one well-placed source said.
    According to sources, U.S. Marshals and State Police investigators were questioning an individual whose car was recorded by surveillance video at the Bear Mountain bridge where Israel abandoned his GM Envoy. On the hood of his car, written in dust was the message "Suicide is Painless," the theme of the movie and TV series M.A.S.H. However Israel was not seen jumping, and no body has been found.
    Israel had pleaded guilty to defrauding his hedge fund investors of $400 million in a Ponzi-like scheme, where he used new money to create the appearance of profits for earlier investors. Despite his plea, his cooperation with authorities and requests for leniency by his attorneys, a federal judge slapped Israel with a stiff sentence and stung him with harsh words.
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