Guy Spent $11,000 On A Coding 'Bootcamp' And Doubled His Salary

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  2. That's a cool idea. Like a trade school on steroids, if I could only get my son to do it I'd spring for the tuition.
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    I liked the part in the article where one founder Mr. Ned started a school that took a slice of the graduate’s first year salary – I think it was 15%. That’s awesome as you can gain skills but only pay the school if you get a job. That’s certainly much better than paying thousands up front only to find no jobs after.
  4. "I used about 10 percent of what I learned in college in my first job, and I figured I could teach that 10 percent in two and a half months," Bishay said.
  5. I wonder if they’d ever have anything like that for trading? Send your kid to a trading bootcamp and take 15% of the profits. Hey doesn’t sound like a bad idea for them – if the school doesn’t put up any capital they’re never out anything.
  6. sounds like a brilliant idea

    pay 10-15k and get a practical education in the real world skills that employers want, taught by people who are actually doing it for a living, and in a short period of time

    a lot better than spending years and paying many times that amount for a university education where almost half the classes you take have nothing to do with your degree or any practical real world use....... and the degree classes themselves may or may not have much real world relevance and some profs may be on cruise control and out of touch with the world outside their campus.

    it is a great idea but the downside is lack of any kind of accredidation-- so it is ripe for exploitation by third party scam artists much like the trader education "industry"
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    I used my education in my first job.

    But as other interests and opportunities came along, I've moved into other areas.

    I had a liberal arts education. I am glad I did now. Made me more flexible and able to see and take advantage of opportunities...
  8. Hmmm… I guess that is true. There are already a ton of financial “educational” opportunities out there that are nothing but scams. Still I like the idea of an education where the employer gains something by giving you skills that get you hired.
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    I like that part also. The school should get part of their pay based on the job you get after. Responsibility
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    That’s very true. Without any oversight this could be a potential scam opportunity. But then again, if it’s just skills and no money, there’s no downside aside from lost time? If he didn’t get a decent job after that he’d pay far less back to the school and as long as they provide him some education I guess it’s ok.
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