Guy passed out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CONR, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. CONR


    Was it my immagination or did the uy from S&P pass out on CNBC?
  2. gobar



    someone died on cnbc?
  3. does anyone have a video link to this..i missed it...heard about it...was at lunch

  4. I saw it, Dylan Ratigan was intervewing this cat from the Standard and Poors, he seemed like he was nervous and couldn't answer the question, there was a pause and an audible
    thud, they cut away and in typical CNBC fashion with no explanation. My guess is he was nervous and passed out, I hope he is ok.
  5. I heard it, but didn't know what happened. It actually sounded funny, but if someone got hurt, then I take that back.
  6. interesting ... an 'enabler' disabled.
  7. It was stock trad3r..he looked up at the big board and he thought is was showing the Dow down another 191.00 points. :eek:
  8. He did say he was leaving yesterday, mnnnhh... maybe he is colorblind.
  9. trendo


    What was the question the guy couldn't answer? Was Ratigan giving him a hard time?
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    Did you know your wife is a transsexual?
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