Guy And His Dog Are Visiting All 50 States On A Motorcycle

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  2. Only if life was that simple ...
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    I’ve done a portion of the AT trail. I’d love one day to be able to the pacific crest trail the thru hike. Should be 4 months to complete.
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  4. I watched that with a smile on my face the whole time.
    What an incredible journey with your best buddy!
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    May not be in your neighborhood, but if you can attend, it is The Best sort of prep...:
    For further trail-lusting:

    There are now so many hiking videos, it's hard to find those with a clue. One SOLID contributor is a gal named Dixie -- Homemade Wanderlust. She be the real deal.

    "The Adventure Of A Lifetime..."

  6. he beat all those millionaires out there with this life, nobody can ever be a better companion for him. wish him safe on the bike
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    I’ve been a backcountry camper since like 1997. Who would have thought. Started with 50-60lbs now down to 20 lbs in the ultra light cat. For me at least. No tent use tarp. Have done almost every national park out west. Hiked half dome, angels landing, did the hike through For the Narrows, in Zion. Love the backcountry but you could never get me away from the salt life.
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    Duh, awesome video but your conclusions are as usual quite a stretch.
    Millionaire or not doesn´t matter and yourself a self declared very wealthy, educated and very smart dog loving adventurer should know money and dogs do go well together, surprising how you , our very own Richard Branson, of all posters here would come up with the remark above..
    The guy in a video is still young and I wish him best, but thinking he´s better off with a dog than his kids is a bit of an admission on how your family life is messed up.
    Dogs are great, but what is the life expectancy of the dog, what happens when the dog dies ? Most likely the guy suffers a bit, buys a new pet and moves on, without much of a legacy to think about if it´s only him and his dog.
    Ime getting past your middle age without kids is more disturbing than without a dog
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  10. you are full of shits and stupid assumptions?
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