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    When making buy or sell decisions how many of you make a decision based only on your gut or only on technical indicators or a combination of both?

    How many times have you been correct when you're gone completely off your gut?
  2. i trade off my gut (specifically the small intestine) :cool:
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    i intuitively interpret TA.


  4. I have only 2 pieces of wisdom on trading... this happens to be one:
    Whenever you get a "gut" feeling about a trade, get out of your chair and go to the nearest door. Bang you head HARD against the jam until the gut feeling goes away.

    (The other is that you can play anything reasonable so long as you use a stop.) :D
  5. I've heard that "trading off your colon" is more refreshing. Haven't tried it myself.
  6. TA and MA only. No gut.
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    what is MA ??

  8. Momentum analysis

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    thank you. old guys like me are not up on all the new fangled day trader words.


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