Gustave gaining strength

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. sold ung 2 days ago, before that big motherfucking drop and also bought some refiners in expectation of this.

    and check out hanna, that thing could possibly turn and enter the gulf as well this is rediculous and there are two other tropical waves behind these its like a hurricane train
  2. Now the forecast is for it to slow down and stall just offshore of Louisiana Monday/Tuesday as a high pressure system holds over the Southeast. Could batter the rigs like Wilma a few years ago.
  3. sorry, not Wilma, it was Rita.
  4. i still think it will make landfall further west sparring new orleans the worst, more towards the refineries, gfdl also had ivan track up when it infact made landfall more east, same with this gfdl is pointing gustav at new orleans while most of the other models pointing west, my prediction is landfall as a cat 3 hurricane between lak jackson and lake charles, if i am right someone must paypal 10$ to for my prediction