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    I'll post the calls and times . Perhaps some of you gentlemen will care to comment .
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    EAG continues to look attractive here. The stock has flatlined nicely in recent days with strong support at $0.39-40 per the CHART. Insidered have been buying (albeit small) over the last few days. Target here remains a move to the $0.50's.. Stops at $0.39.The $0.40 to $0.42 area is looking like the ideal place to add if considering.

    8/06/03 1:29
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    In TELM @.85 stops .78 trying to tick +
    In HECT @ .67 stops .59 reached support finally I hope
    EAG stopped out today
    will try to remember to post closer to real time

    EAG in @.41 out @.39 -4.8%