Guru Dennis Bolze missing

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    This guy was once a Woodie CCI guy. A couple years ago he turned on Wood and started doing his own seminars (with the proceeds apparently going to charity). Well, it looks like he duped investors along the way and it could be another ponzi. He had a blog that detailed the construction of his $10M house.
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  3. Thanks for posting this. Fascinating.

    I remember reading Bolze's blog regularly a couple years ago.

    These Ponzi schemers are dropping like flies.
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    I don't think he qualifies as a "Ponzi", I didn't hear of him giving any of it back. Most of it appears to have gone into the house and lifestyle.
  5. Based on what I read in the articles, he disappeared shortly after his clients started asking where their dividend checks were.

    Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me. Everything runs great until the new money flow dries up so the old investors can't receive their checks anymore.
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    wow i was in his chat room for a while, he seemed like a very legit guy and traded live with huge number of contracts. he never once mentioned having a fund or anything.
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  8. I remember following that guy's blog and house building stuff.

    Seemed like he used every opportunity to slam Woodie and call him a fraud...
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    This just does not make sense to me. He gave so much to charity. He was a really good man.

    I guess he was robbing Peter to pay Paul and with the bad market the money all went to supporting his lifestyle. He thought he could pay it back, but then his investments turned sour. He did not want to admit he was broke until he could no longer hide it.

    I think he was just trying to hide the fact from his investors and told them they were making money. Big man, big house, big debts and big ego.

    Honestly I think he left to avoid being arrested by the feds or shot by his investors. Looking at his lifestyle, I think he walked off penniless. :(
  10. Dennis actually got the boot from Woodies room when some of the committee members discovered he'd been involved in earlier bad business. I didn't know what it was because I had fallen out with the woodster over the way people seemed to be getting payments from esignal and they had gone from promoting a low cost trading platform to what I felt was a stupidly expensive one.

    So he didn't change.
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