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  1. Pabst


    The ONLY fucking laugh I've had today!
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  2. it's pretty easy to figure out all the chatroom hucksters are full of shit...

    i don't mind them though. they continue to bring fresh blood to the game... thanks guys!
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  3. I like the way that guy Fluid expressed it on Allens thread, something about a merry-go-round :D
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  4. absofreakinlutely. it should be a huge danger sign when these chatrooms balk at the idea of providing something as routinely required in business and easy to acquire as some piece of audited documentation. but itll never stop. theres always a revolving door of 20 to 30 suckers willing to pony up a few hundred a month to make an income for these bottom-feeders. and this board has sadly been allowed to become their pond.
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  5. easyrider,

    I don't mind your or anyones else abrasive comments because I post abrasive comments myself as a reaction.

    Thus, if I'm going to dish it out...I should be willing to take it.

    What I don't mind is OUTRIGHT LYING to look cool in front of annonymous posters.

    Lets set the story straight and keep it accurate.

    Note: I still have your private messages and chat room log.

    1. You do not know if my methods are complicated because I have never shared them with you.

    2. You did not get zapped from my got zapped from my free chat room for not respecting the room use guidelines for whatever reason.

    Here are the basic guidelines since you so mysteriously have forgotten them :)

    "We are constantly banning or kicking traders from our free live-realtime chat rooms for the following common reasons:

    Spamming, promoting their websites or services, refusing to participate while attacking others, lurking, asking for trade advice (when to enter and when to exit), becoming rude upon finding out successful traders aren't using the free chat rooms to reveal the specifics of their trade setups, attacking other traders trade posting while not posting their own trades, demanding answers from traders in the middle of uncompleted trade positions.

    We ourselves don't spam nor mention our fee-base info in our free chat rooms and we expect the same professionalism from you. Unlike other chat rooms and/or message boards...we get rid of the junk or rude wannabe traders without warning."

    3. I ONLY remove individuals after another user has complained about that individual...I then investigate to see if there is merit for removal.

    If there is merit for removal...I do it without warning.

    In your initial private message you came across as sincere.

    Easyrider...what changed you over the past few months?

    The market, my unwillingness to share trade setups with you...what exactly has caused you to think is the perfect place to turn it into a Yahoo! like arena?

    Hey and I will never have another conversation again (via private message, chat room nor snail-mail message boards) because where I come from...the only thing you require is being taken out back and given a good old fashion butt whooping along with the other cry babies.

    Note: I don't think I'm smarter than you...I just think you think this is some sort'uv mandatory brotherhood or exchanging info for free. Here's the funny part...had you respected the room use guidelines...other traders would have helped you with whatever you came there to get.

    I hold traders accountable...and most leave the rooms throwing a temper tantrum prior to me banning or kicking them from the room the other jerks on this board that have the crowd mentality...I do have an "audited verifiable trading record" and it's not for sharing, renting nor selling of anything.

    In fact...anybody that has been truly reading my posts...they'll know that I'm currently looking for other successful traders willing to mentor traders (students) that have contacted me (I didn't contact them) for help in finding a trader mentor.

    What a bunch of jerks that think character assasination in the disquise of seeking the truth will make them look cool or brilliant.

    P.S. Anybody is welcome to join the free chat rooms...however...if you come their acting like a bunch of hssssing little girls, rude wannabe traders or with a mentality that all others using the room are required to share with you their successful methods...we get rid of you without warning.

    Finally an indirect message to this the same Commisso that uses/or use to use that said the following to me at my free chat room...

    Wednesday, May 8th, 10:32:54 am est 2002
    Session Ident: Commisso

    "Hello nihaba...just wanted to say that I value some of the post you make over at make for a nice contrast from a lot of the rif raff over there...J" knowledge nor experience was ever "peddle" to you nor to anyone else that has visited the free chat rooms. However...plenty of info is given away freely to those that are sincere.

    My methods are common place and anybody wishing me to take time away from my own trading to help them out (without me contacting them)...I expect to be compensated.

    End of story.

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  6. if you are interested in a FREE simulation of running a conventional long only mutual fund, check out

    It is totally unsuited to daytrading, so don't bother if that is your game.
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  7. Nihaba, shut up idiot..

    there is nothing wrong about asking a trading product vendor to provide verification of his claims..

    you got a free chatroom? ok, fantastic.. no one's gonna say anything about that..

    it's crap like this that gets under people's skin:

    "$109 USD for each trade alert session from 9am - 11am est. This particular service is orientated to trading the first 1.5 hours of market...the most profitable trading session. "

    hundred bucks a DAY! geeezus... WTF!
    (not to mention $400 "trading manual" lol)

    as if that shit doesn't need a big fat audit!
    you don't wanna show it? fine. got an excuse not to? so far all yours suck.
    so good luck to you, keep flogging your crap to unsuspecting newbies... just don't expect not to get called on your BS by us "jerks"..

    wouldn't be a bad idea for the SEC to hammer down on these clowns...
    then again, like i said, they bring in fresh blood..
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  8. Actually, a fair number of these guys have been getting knocked over the past few years. If you go look at the CFTC website, you will find all sorts of crooks who were running these PAY PER trade services...What is most interesting is when they releases the judgment summaries...Usually they go something like this "Vendor A advertised that he had returned x% trading the signals from his system. The CFTC found that Vendor A had, in fact, lost $43,533.43 trading his system" or "Vendor A advertised that he had returned x% trading signals from his system. The CFTC found that Vendor A, has never made a trade"
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  9. Yes Nahiba I believe that might have been me! How do you still have that or know where to find that? you are scary bro :p

    To be honest with you though, I was basically just blowing smoke up your ass and looking for friendly convo during the doldrums; Your posts are much too long-winded and non-lucid for me to actually make through...

    Anyway howzabout actually answering the question bro? What my lil journey into that chatroom or what I happened to say has to do with anything is beyond me...
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  10. Well isn't that a contradiction. How can your audited verifiable trading record be verifiable if you are not willing to share, rent or sell it? Are you going to verify it to yourself?
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