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  1. I'd like to see LBR or one of her drones in the Offical Elite Trader Guru League. Brandon already said he is Da Man.

    I'm impressed by a trainer who is willing to trade live in front of paying customers. Hope you made sure it was actually real time data he was trading off.
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  2. JC,

    I agree and your number is probably a little low.

    A few are out there...meeting them...I think its probably more to do with chance or being in the right place at the right time to come across those that are the real deals...

    and less to do with meeting them via a promotional event or via clicking on a paying advertiser link.

    Yet, if they are the real deal...I have no problems with them selling themselves or promoting their services...

    its up to me and my personal trading situation if I want to see if they can walk the talk in realtime...if they don't want to...I'm no longer interested.

    Take care and have a nice weekend everybody.

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  3. Nihaba

    You have the primary trait needed for good trading: consistency. Almost every post you have made on Elitetrader is a direct critique of some other guru or website and an indirect referral to you and your website. Its getting a little old.
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  4. Hmmm...

    If I defend a guru or point out facts about a website a trader has "specifically" ask questions about...

    it's old to you?

    I choose...not you...which posts I want to read in what forum thread and which posts to reply to.

    I do try to stay on topic while expressing my thoughts.

    Note: I'm not here to make friends...I'm here to meet certain successful traders that can help me with what every I decide to get involved in (that in itself is none of your business).

    Therefore...if you don't like what posts I read and reply to nor how I reply...please get over it...quickly.

    I notice you didn't mention I reply directly to someone's questions when questions are asked.

    If you have read all my posts as you suggests via saying "almost every post"..."it's getting old"...

    you'll know I only state the facts via such facts posted at about such websites.

    You'll also notice some websites I've discussed in "recommended" replies to traders questions about what's good out there.

    Sorry if all that to you is a little old.

    Maybe you'll prefer I reply to threads you find interesting so that my replies won't seem so old to you.

    Shall I send you some direct links to the posts I talked very highly about certain websites or my defending of certain ET gurus...or would you prefer to use ET's search menu in the upper right corner as a "verifiable" (no pun intended) account of my both sides critique?

    Thus, I took your use of the word "critique" in a way that I was consistently being negative on certain gurus and/or their services.

    P.S. To me a primary trait of good trading is discipline (not the primary trait). Consistency is also important but not as important as being a discipline trader.

    I think I've responded in good taste to JC question without raising the skirts ( pun intended) of others.

    P.S. I guess you didn't read all my posts in the Journal threads. Thus, your obviously overestimating with the words "almost every post"...

    also...what about all those replies to others attacking and bashing other traders in other didn't see those posts?

    What about when I first arrived when I was accussed of having some sort'uv affilliation or working for H&R Block, QCharts, Don Bright and so didn't see my replies to such?

    Please...don't join the crowd that starts conspiracy or covert operation was fun its boring to me.

    Gotta go...I'm gone for real this time :)

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  5. TigerO


    it's cause a bullshit vendor and actual trading success are mutually incompatible.........

    if you're a really great trader, you don't go bullshittin' around with crappy sales bullshit like a 2nd hand car sales person, you start a fund etc, or compound your own equity, and start earning some real money, without any hassle or sales bs.

    guys/gals who need to sell their crap to survive are 99,9% dream weavers and snake oil sales people.

    crap, is all.
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  6. TigerO


    heck, check out waxie, haha.
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  7. Oh Nahiba I did not realize that you too were a salesman!

    So help me out buddy; why not any type of verifiable proof that your methods/techniques are viable???

    I have been a profitable trader for some time now and if I were to ever "sell" or "peddle" my knowledge and experience ---> the first thing I would do would be to have my accounts audited and verified by a firm... why have you not thought about or done this??? What better way to show someone you can walk the talk then to say "here, I avg. Xpts over this TF w/draw-down of X and its all here in black and white and legit!"...

    Seems pretty easy and simple to me! So whats the deal poppy?
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  8. Nihaba is a pretty good trader but his methods are complicated. His problem is that he thinks everybody else is dumb. I stopped by his website awhile back but he zapped me when I wouldnt answer a question. Have you ever seen any of those Sienfeld episodes about the soup nazi?
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  10. Pabst


    Great post. You summed it up nicely.
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