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  1. Curious to know why none of you self-proclaimed trading "master/teachers" actually prove your skills and abilities with a verifiable track-record.

    Any of our resident "gurus" here at ET care to shed some light?
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    On a similar note, if anyone knows of a reputable alternative to AudiTrack ( I'd be interested.

    Auditrack is kinda pricy if you want to build a track record for multiple day trading models because they charge per order and fill in addition to monthly fees.

    If I wanted to build a track record for position or swing-trading, or was running a fund and wanted to document the trades, I'd consider AudiTrack.
  3. Hi JC,

    Many months ago I was in Chicago and decided to stop by as a guest at a seminar that was hosted by a successful Emini trader.

    He had 7 attendees (one left because of an emergency).

    The seminar was live-realtime during market hours via actual trading.

    In less than 2 hours he made about 15 ES points trading 3 contracts (in front of each of our own eyes).

    He has never had an "audited" trading record.

    Yet...his "verifiable successful trading record" is via live-realtime action (walking the talk).

    That was good enough for him, me and good enough for 5 of the remaining 6 attendees.

    My point is this...some traders have different definitions of what is a verifiable successful trading record.

    What about the one guy that wasn't impress? He left with the belief it was a lucky one day and didn't return the following day.

    On day 2 (+8 ES points and +24 NQ points)...another person became a disbeliever and didn't return the following trading day...this individual was more interested in an audited trading record.

    My point is this...I myself use to think that an "audited" trading record by some sort'uv professional business like an accountant, broker statement or something was the only method of proof or verification.

    However, recently I've begun to back away from such a hard footing.

    Simply...I've been around the block long enough and can tell easily when a bad trader has a good one day from a good trader that has a good on day of trading when such occurs in front of my own two eyes or during live-realtime chat to know whom is whom.

    Thus, in person or posting trades in live-realtime is more impressive than some audited trading record.

    To be under the gun (in person or realtime) and to successfully trade while providing a few educational tips while trading is impressive because such individuals are far and few between...

    regardless if they consider themselves gurus or whatever.

    Something else I've notice among these gurus (I'm not using the word in a negative way in this post)...

    they prefer to walk the talk right then and there instead of whipping out some audited trading record of yesterday's performance.

    Therefore...I think they are proving their record every trading day just not via the methods some of us may want.

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    Did you purchase whatever he was selling, and if so has it helped in your trading?
  5. Well one or two days worth of gains is just noise Nahiba.

    These "gurus" are selling themselves and I do not see what is so hard about getting their accounts audited and verified???

    To me it just seems like the best "advertising" one could have! Shit post up verified trading records of 3-4pts per day (ES) w/dd's tight and under 30-40 pts peak to trough over a 240 trading day sample and I garunfuckintee you will never have to promote your chat room again...

    Maybe it is just me who gets annoyed with some of these clowns, but I will go out on a limb here and say that 95% (maybe even higher) are unsuccessful traders who could not make a respectable income off of the game if it were not for unsuspecting newbies...
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  7. is yenzen yet another troll?
  8. Now, now, now, Rich is that anyway for an Elite trader moderator to refer to a fellow poster?

    YenZen is entitled his opinion just like the rest of us no???
  9. Hi dottom,


    No way...he's a close friend and wasn't selling anything to me.

    Yes...the other guests had to pay a fee for the seminar (to compensate him for the conference room renting at the library).

    I was a special guest in which the 5 trading day seminar was done to show me how such a seminar should be done in comparison to the usual weekend stuff we hear so often about from other gurus.

    Thus, it wasn't about was about how to do a good seminar.

    Simply...I was the only one that knew the real purpose of the seminar when others there thought the seminar was about a few good discretionary trading methods.

    I've been to a few weekend stuff by other trader gurus over the years and in comparison to another trader guru that walks the talk in live-action during market hours...the educational impact is obvious.

    Although I will say trading seminars are intense and you most likely won't be given donuts and orange juice :)

    too many traders think gurus...regardless if they have an audited record or not...should be doing teaching and educational stuff out of the kindness of their hearts for the brotherhood of trading

    Me personally...if someone say they are a guru or acts like it...I want to see it in realtime in front of my own two eyes...

    no signed broker statement needed.

  10. Look at his/her post history and tell me you think this is a well-intentioned contributor to this forum.
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