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  1. ET is a veritable vegetable soup of psychoses. That is certainly no original observation. But lately we have been seeing increasingly venomous attacks directed at a certain prominent figure here, who seems to be a lightning rod for disturbed individuals.

    Now I know that the temptation of the vigilant and sober-minded moderators will be to delete this thread quickly, anticipating the usual flood of filth and foolishness, but I beg your forbearance for a few posts to see if, for once, ET can restrain itself. I assure you that my own intent is quite serious.

    The rubric of the thread is this: what are the specific derangements in a certain subclass of ET that makes them so viciously anti-guru?

    I request that all contributors address the topic with civility and sobriety. It is my earnest hope that mutual understanding may be achieved by both parties and that some detente may result, accruing to the benefit of all. I take no position either way, and intend merely to facilitate courteous debate.
  2. My objection to gurus is: If the system is so good, why isn't the guru busy trading it?
    Noooo, they spend sooooo much time trying to get other people to use it.
    Why? Possibly because they hope that someone will come along and fix it.
    Possibly because they have realized that the system can only make money if they sell it to others.
    Possibly because they want to meet people, so that they can introduce them to the brother-in-law insurance salesman, etc.
  3. Let me kick off discussion by pointing out the obvious: the B-Team is manifestly immature, obsessed and rabid. The A-Team, while somewhat sophomoric, displays more restraint and moderation. On the whole I find them rather more appealing as a group. My hypothesis is that we are dealing with issues of rebelliousness against authority figures on the part of the B-Team.
  4. As to my impartiality, it might surprise you to know that I avidly and carefully read every one of said guru's posts, and every thread pertaining to him, especially Spydertrader's futures thread. I have applied his ideas in the past, and continue to do so, with necessary adaptations to my own preferred trading instrument. As to my intelligence, you are not qualified to render an opinion. But I am interested in your opinion on the topic.
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    emil - you modified his basic framework. - that is probably the whole point.

    1. said guru so far has revealed nothing but a reasonable support resistance framework. You modified it to your instrument.

    2. This guru claims you can make 30 trades a day, always be in and pull 3x the atr of the S&Ps using 5minute charts - routinely. y

    And he does not espouse doubling down.

    Anyone who puts on live trades knows this to be impossible. you cant be trading in the "now" and get good prices 60 times a day. you will be sitting in the middle of the price bars. to collect profits that often you would have to doing a lot more than monitoring in the now.

    So your guru is full of grabage (until he can prove his claims.) I have no dislike of him - He is entertaining I like his threads. he has exposed me to guru double speak - and now I know why people can be sucked in by tony robbins.

    But until proven otherwise -

    Jack trades squat and loses money in trading contests even when he pretend trades.
  6. I am the real Emil Kraepelin.

    Please stop impersonating me immediately.
  7. Hi, Emil
    I know that your thread (or your impostor's thread) may be looking for psychosis in those opposed to gurus,
    but have you ever considered whether some gurus might be psychotic?
    What about histrionic personality, narcissistic personality, and what about that pas de deux thing?
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    I'm not normally involved in these discussions but I think the primary reason for hostility is when the guru invades other ppl's threads and insulting the original thread poster. Than the guru goes on to brag about his methods.

    If the guru left other ppl's threads alone I doubt there would be so much hostility.

    I have had it happen to me at least once, and its very annoying. Especially when the guru can't really show material proof of what he is bragging about, just esoteric claims.
  9. ]
    Schizophrenia/multiple personalities being one of the more prominent ones.
  10. Thanks to all for the civility exhibited so far. I have taken some time to examine both camps, reaching the following conclusions.

    1) The guru's detractors seem to be few in number, once one discounts the multiple aliases and banned posters who have reappeared like cockroaches

    2) The detractors either claim to be modestly profitable or make no claims at all

    3) The virulence of some posters suggests a failed prior romantic relationship with the guru, or possibly homoerotic fantasies

    4) The supporters seem to be mostly young aspiring traders, or traders who have failed to achieve profitability with other methods

    5) The supporters seem to be genuinely perplexed as to why the detractors are so persistent ("Get a life!")

    6) The supporters, forgive me, in the main appear to be a bit slow.

    I will continue my analysis after digesting the mass of pro and con postings, which at the moment are not sitting at all well on my stomach.
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