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  1. I bought my kid this thing:


    I had cheap Chinese plastic toys as a kid and even an all-metal Spanish made "Gonher" and can testify to you, in a war game among us kids, a cheap Chinese plastic toy would almost always win against a "wodden" pistol replica:
  2. stick.png
  3. >> in a war game among us kids, a cheap Chinese plastic toy would almost always win against a "wodden" pistol replica

    That's for sociology trying to explain why a poor kid from a family who barely afforded him to get some tree branch "weapon" to play with us big boys holding lethal weapons replicas. Didn't feel much like killing someone today.
  4. You may think you'll quickly get reverse psychology results and cheat 1000 years of history just by reversing the setup. Been there, done that.

    Gave the best forged weapons to the disadvantaged and the wodden sticks to the boys of the affluent families. Worst. Idea. Ever. Thank God no eye was poked as in "it's all fun and games until".

    The "warrior" kind wasn't really Kilngon till they were really cornered. Now rationally, if you have a weapon which isn't shooting nothing but weights 5 kilos, and your opponent's weights 100 grams, who's at an advantage? This experiment proved me it's genetics.
  5. UBI

    Universal Basic Income

    Maybe perhaps I'll start some Norway-style of having it work for all social classes. Not the Wiking-era idea of that, today's idiocy but translated in reality. Maybe looking back to us 2000 years in the past (their past), they'll too laugh at our ineptude of doing with slaves other than jamming them in prison-houses. Except they not prisons but all else in all respects.
  6. Of course TV shows have a nasty habit of identifing you with someone and from the Norway show I'd be this guy: jarl.jpg
  7. Now of course, that's ony a TV show depiction of reality, while reality itself is what you are experiencing.

    1) Remember: it's all fun and games until some hand gets chopped.

    2) Where do we go from here?
  8. If you believe in Holy Trinity then Jarl Varg is also this guy:
  9. notagain


    First aid & guns...
  10. Working in a bar and cleansing your gun properly:

    So when you're a kid and wash dishes for an extra income, 5 beer residues make for one strong whiskey. Yeah, you can taste that yourself and be "high" (from afta, staphylococus and so much more) for days and yet be back to your job after that. But that'd be a pitty: money spent instead of money lent. To make a dent :p
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