guns n roses

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  1. for ya bangers out there,
    they are back for major tour.
  2. Saw them when they were popular. Very sloppy band, like most popular rock bands.
  3. A Black Muslim who is Guns n' Roses fan.

    :D :D :D


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    why did they pack it in the first time? drugz? booze? et chit-chat syndrome?
  5. SA - Steven Adler (original drummer)
    MS - Metal Sludge (the website interviewer)

    A quick excerpt from the latest interview.

    SA: Okay, Santa Monica Boulevard is a gay neighborhood.

    MS: Right.

    SA: Where people, pick up, where guys will pick up guys.

    MS: Right.

    SA: So, you know Slash, I lived on Hayworth, North Hayworth, and Slash lived on Sweetzer. So there was a couple times I’d walk down the street and I got a blow job from some guy. I was thirteen years old, I use to walk around with a fucking hard-on, and you know 24 hours a day. And I, was, you know you’re a teenager, and you’re not getting girls doing it. And so I was partying with somebody, and I got a blow job. I was thirteen years old, I was, WHAT! I’m
    the only one?

    (Steven now becomes a little bit defensive)

    MS: No, but we’re just asking because you’ve been pretty open about it?

    SA: No, I know, but for the people reading this, that, if, people say, oh well that never happened to me or I never thought that, or blah, blah, blah, you know they’re fucking full of SHIT! Cause I’m not the only person who ever walked down the street and smoked a joint at 12, 13 years old, smoked a joint with someone and all of a sudden I’m getting a blow job from the guy. Okay, it’s not something I was looking for, it just happened – I was a teenager growing up. There’s nothing wrong with it. You know, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s ever had that happen to.

  6. I shouldn't have read that....

    I may give up my lunch.....
  7. The best part is how he comments on it like its part of growing up!!
  8. fyi,
    there are non-whts who enjoy rock n roll music.
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    indeed. rock n roll came from the blacks of new orleans - blues.

    anyway - wasnt slash from guns n roses a half cast?

    hes got curly black hair anyway :D
  10. Yes, he was. He didn't always agree with Axl's use of the N word. Come to think of it, hey kingcobra, isn't Axl a klan member or whatever word you use for using racial slurs? I'm surprised you like him. I certainly don't.
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